Learning Disaster Risk Reduction

Rojan Shrestha

Rojan Shrestha

Social Mobiliser


I have experienced a drastic change in myself in the duration of three months. I have gained many useful experiences during my work. I am glad that this project has provided the opportunity to enhance my level of knowledge regarding disasters. I am able to disseminate the difference of hazard and disaster to the community people. I am happy to make small contribution to my community.

This Project is mainly focused on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Shankharapur municipality with ward 6, 7 and 9 as major working areas. I am excited to be the part of the project as it also works in my community.

With the introduction of the project, I am glad that I got an opportunity to coordinate with mayor, vice mayor and ward president of the municipality. Also I came to know, how effective planning helps in achievement of desired goals within the timeframe. I have learned how every work should be performed by making a proper schedule so that we can get the required outputs in the desired time.


I have been working in this project for 4 months and during this time I came to know about the necessary procedures for the conduction of a project. It was understood that for conducting any program, many informal meetings are to be held. For example: we have successfully formed Disaster Management Committees (DMC) and Municipal Disaster Management Committees in three wards. For the formation of DMCs, we had to work in different levels.

In first level we had to conduct an informal meeting which was possible during the construction of the road in the community. After several efforts, our proposal for the formation of DMC was finally accepted and thus the committee was formed.

Sometimes I became disappointed when I had to wait for many hours to meet the ward President but he had very limited time for us. However, I get really delighted when I meet people who appreciate our efforts.

I am really happy to work as a social mobilizer in the project which has also build my confidence level.


Painting to Sensitize DRR Issue

In a bid to sensitize issues of Disaster Risk Reduction and celebrate International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) 2017, the PRAGATI project organised a rally and painting competition (#HomeSafeHomeTheme) on 13th October in Shankharapur Municipality in collaboration with Lumanti Support Group for Shelter and in coordination with Shankharapur municipality. The project also held an interaction programme in Changunarayan Municipality to celebrate the day.

The project is funded by European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (ECHO) and implemented by DCA Nepal, ADRA Nepal and VSO through their local partners NDRC in Shankharapur Municipality and FSCN in Changunarayan Municipality.

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